Can’t watch Repo Games anymore… too embarassing

Posted By on November 3, 2012

I can’t bring myself to watch the Spike TV show Repo Games.  Spike has taken two legit Repomen, Josh Lewis and Tom DeTone, and have them to their job, the repossession of cars/trucks of those who have fallen behind on their payments.

The twist here is, if the RO (Registered owner) of the car can answer three out of five trivia questions, they not only keep the car but the show will pay the balance off.  Given the questions I’ve watch leveled against the Joe Six packs and Joe the Plumbers of the country… I’d almost want to go finance the nicest car I could, if I could be guaranteed Josh or Tom would show up one early morning.

Withe questions like, name the five states that start with a direction or what is the least amount of coins it would to have 76 cents?  I’m pretty sure I’d be driving a sweet wipe for nothing.  I will concede I may have some trouble on some of the entertainment questions.. not big on reading or watching those types of shows or mags.  I don’t think I could care less who in Hollywood is dating who.. or even who is getting divorced… but those questions aside.. pretty sure I’d have my car in the first three questions.

So after getting back from overseeing a couple radio shows this Saturday morning.. I channel surf while catching up on household chores and landed on Repo Games.. and I have watched several times before.

But I don’t think I can anymore.  I am embarrassed for those dim witted, clueless (and often toothless) unwashed masses.  Who more often than not seem they would have to aspire to “White Trash”.

So sorry Spike, I can’t do it anymore.  The entertainment value does not out weigh how embarrassed I am for our country and I only hope you somehow prevent this show from being seen anywhere beyond our boarders.  As Josh said on a recent episode, after hearing you answer these questions, I’m not sure you should even be operating a vehicle.  Couldn’t agree more Josh .. but this is a pretty good gig though . . . isn’t it?

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