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7 September, 2023

Out With Joe to return to the airwaves!! – WCRN 830 AM Sunday nights!

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Hey folks, Out With Joe Dining and Entertainment Review show hit  the airwaves in 2008 on WBIX 1060 AM on Saturday for one hour.  Several months later we were on four stations and 3 hours on Sundays!

Demands on Joe (Mangiacotti), Host, had grown too much with his full-time shows.  OWJ became a Vignette and online presence.

But after some time and a great deal of thought and efforts and with a little help from OWJ Ambassadors, Out With Joe the Dining and Entertainment Review show will return to the airwaves.  We will air on Boston/Worcester Market Powerhouse Station WCRN 830 AM on Sunday nights at 6 pm for one hour.

Start date to be announced.  We will also be streaming from the Cameo Studio (Virtual) on Social Media platforms and Rumble.  So you can watch Joe and the Ambassadors doing the show.  We will also have the ability for you to “Link” into the studio for your review, comments and suggestions.

Keep an eye out for more information and the announcement of when we will start Sundays!

If you are not familiar with the Out With Joe show… well let us fill you in a bit:

1. **Restaurant Reviews**: We will include reviews of local restaurants, cafes, bars, and other dining venues. Joe and the OWJ Ambassadors may discuss the food quality, ambiance, service, and overall dining experience. They might provide recommendations for different types of cuisines and budgets.

2. **Entertainment Highlights**: In addition to dining, we will cover a wide range of entertainment options, such as theater performances, concerts, art exhibitions, movie releases, and events happening in the area. This could include interviews with local artists, musicians, and performers.

We will also look at TV shows, Movies and the whole new world of Streaming!

3. **Guest Interviews**: We will invite guests, such as chefs, restaurant owners, event organizers, and cultural figures, for in-depth interviews. These interviews can provide insights into the local dining and entertainment scene and the people behind it.

4. **Tips and Recommendations**: Listeners can expect to receive tips, recommendations, and insider insights on where to find the best food, drinks, and entertainment experiences in the region. These suggestions could range from hidden gems to well-known hotspots.

5. **Audience Interaction**: We, of course, encourage audience participation. Listeners are invited to call in, send emails and engage on social media to share their own dining and entertainment experiences, ask questions, or request specific reviews.

6. **Upcoming Events**: We will feature a segment dedicated to upcoming events, allowing listeners to plan their dining and entertainment activities in advance.

7. **Local Flavor**: “Out with Joe Dining and Entertainment Review” will celebrate the unique cultural and culinary aspects of the New England and wherever YOU are (by submitting and calling the show), promoting local businesses and attractions.


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