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9 June, 2021

June 12th, 2021 MA Restaurants took a hit and Kelly’s Roastbeef Franchising in New England and beyond

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Welcome to this edition of Out With Joe brought to by LaBonte’s Auto School, with five locations.. click LaBonte’s Auto School to find one near you.. , I’m Joe Mangiacotti… this week:

In Dining News, Restaurant sales in Massachusetts have increased sharply since early April and surpassed their comparable 2019 levels even before Massachusetts lifted the majority of its COVID-19 restrictions, the Federal Reserve Bank said in its latest Beige Book update Wednesday.

“Restaurants across Massachusetts experienced a dramatic uptick in sales in April and May, with recent revenues exceeding those in the same period of 2019. April also brought the reopening of the majority of the roughly 500-700 restaurants in the state that temporarily closed over the winter. The return of widespread outdoor dining fueled the initial surge in sales, but more recently dining room sales increased as well,”.

Though restaurant revenues are up, so are restaurant prices. The Fed said that Massachusetts restaurant prices “increased sharply to cover increased labor and food costs.”

Other sectors are experiencing similar issues, but the Fed said that restaurants specifically are dealing with “pronounced labor shortages”

Boston’s famous Kelly’s Roast Beef wants to expand the brand across New England and beyond. The beloved staple which has been in Boston for over 70 years has announced plans to develop new restaurants across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and now New Hampshire .. Kelly’s is saying they want to open three new franchise locations in the Concord and Manchester areas


Looking to bring a taste of Boston to new communities throughout the Northeast is Neil Newcomb, CEO of Kelly’s Roast Beef Franchising a franchise industry veteran.. out with Joe caught up to Neil.. so let me invite into the conversation Neil Newcomb .. Neil thank you for joining us a Out with Joe:


Thank Neil for joining us.. etc

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Kelly’s Roast Beef Plans Expansion to The Granite State

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