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28 July, 2021

July 31st 2021 Revolution Hall in Lexington

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Lexington Welcomes New Craft Food Halls Location

Craft Food Halls are a new way to dine, imbibe and enjoy. Like a food court, guests can visit one venue and choose from many options – something to eat, something to drink and something to do. While all under the Craft Food Halls umbrella, each location has its own name – Revolution Hall in Lexington is it’s newest location with a nod to Lexington’s role in America’s founding and fight for independence.

Like its sister location Craft Food Hall Project in Waltham, Revolution Hall utilizes the power of a self-serve beer and wine wall to keep the guests and employees safer by reducing touchpoints and limiting interactions. Revolution Hall in Lexington offers customers 30 self-pour taps of local craft beers and the ability to pay by the ounce.

Their menu includes sous vide cooking, also known as low temperature long time (LTLT) cooking, is a method of cooking in which food is placed in a plastic pouch or a glass jar and cooked in a water bath for longer than usual cooking times as well as pizzas from an international award-winning chef, and tasty, functional nutrition and Ayurvedic foods. This accompanies the pour-your-own beer and wine stations and areas for table tennis and cornhole. The business utilizes PourMyBeer’s integration with point of sale leader, Toast.

Gardy Desrouleaux, the Managing Partner of Craft Food Halls Project, is excited to share the possibilities the space holds, saying, “Craft Food Halls’ newest location, Revolution Hall in Lexington promises to bring escapism to by way of diverse food options, an elevated pour your own beer and wine selection and loving team members. Considering our current climate, our space offers seven garage doors that are 12 feet tall, along with two patio areas. This open air concept allows for maximum natural air flow which follows the guidelines set by the local, state and national health departments.”

Due to these advanced design considerations, Revolution Hall is only one of two establishments in Massachusetts recognized as an open-air eatery. Most of the walls are actually movable garage doors, and the outdoor seating is nearly double what most restaurants offer. The process of entering, ordering, and being served is different than a traditional restaurant thanks to the PourMyBeer & Toast POS integration. Guests order food using a QR code and are notified to pick up food via text. Front line workers are there mostly to cook and focus on the customers’ needs.

The beverage wall empowered by PourMyBeer technology presents a much safer solution for guests as they are serving themselves, eliminating the need for a waiter or server to handle drinks. Guests can refill their beers and wines independently. Revolution Hall will still be following additional safety protocol, including masks and distancing, in addition to these additional measures regarding airflow and reduced touchpoints.

Revolution Hall is open at 3 Maguire Road, Lexington, MA 02421.

Lexington Welcomes New Craft Food Halls Location

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