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28 April, 2020

May 2nd 2020 – EATING OUT TRIVIA

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Welcome to this edition of Out With Joe brought to by Nothing Bundt Cakes in White City Plaza in Shrewsbury.. , I’m Joe Mangiacotti… this week we’d thought we’d take a break from the negative reataurant news.. and share some fun EATING OUT TRIVIA Almost half of Americans say they eat most meals away from home or on the go.

It is estimated that 25% of our food budget was spent eating out in 1990. Today we spend about 40% of our food budget eating out. (2008)

Almost 25% of restaurant meals were ordered from the car in 2008.

An American typically takes 14 minutes to eat a meal at McDonald’s, while a Frenchman lingers on for about 22 minutes. (Gastronomica, Summer 2008)

According to the National Restaurant Association, Americans spent 44% of their food dollars outside the home in 1996, up from 25% in 1955.

The average U.S. household spent about $975 per person on eating food outside the home in 2004. 25% of all the retail establishments in the U.S. are for eating or drinking.

There are more than 650,000 restaurants in the U.S.  The most popular day to eat out in the U.S. is Saturday. Second is Friday, third is Sunday. Monday is the slowest day for restaurants.  Americans eat almost 30% of their meals away from home each year.

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